23 May, 2019

The Company

About us

ProCycla is a company founded in 2008 that offers engineering and consulting products and services in different fields of the environment, renewable energy, engineering and urban planning.

From our headquarters in Latin America (Chile) and Europe (Spain), our mission is to provide companies and administrations with technical, legal and administrative support in each of the projects, applying our values ​​in sustainability, efficiency and innovation to achieve a commercial, environmental and technical balance in the solutions we offer.

For this, ProCycla has a multidisciplinary team with extensive professional experience, complemented by an important network of external collaborations required when the technical characteristics of the projects demand it.

Our projects have a strategic development that is supported by the MARCO RESOLVE, encouraging actions of transition to a circular economy. We have the external collaboration of important R&D Research Centers, besides own laboratories and the necessary resources to perform all kinds of computational simulation (CFD) and laboratory and industrial scale experimentation.

Our values

In ProCycla we believe in the importance of making available to all measures that favor sustainable development. That is, that we cover our needs without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy their own. To achieve this, we research, develop and innovate in biological treatments and solutions, minimizing the environmental impact using technologies that reduce the consumption of resources.

The solutions in which we work, allow the exploitation of resources, thus providing greater energy, water, and agronomic efficiency. We are committed to the development of low cost solutions that recovered waste and reuse materials. Thus, for example, our solutions for the treatment of organic waste can generate biogas and organic amendment bringing considerable benefits to users.

All our projects are preceded by a thorough investigation. This allows us to provide added value to the developed solutions.  We have our own research and analysis laboratories, as well as working closely with important Research and Technological Centers in R&D.

The Team


Technical & Research Department

Sales & Marketing Department

Environmental Policy

The ProCycla team is responsible for and acquires the commitment to establish and develop an Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System, in order to achieve the following general objectives, which constitute our Integrated Quality and Environmental Management Policy , on which all Company actions must be based. To fulfill these commitments and achieve the established objectives, the Company has established the following principles:

  • Ensuring the protection of the environment, working in a respectful way, preventing pollution and minimizing the environmental effects produced as a result of the activities, products and services offered by ProCycla.
  • Ensure compliance with the environmental legal requirements applicable in Chile and Spain countries.
  • Respect nature and biodiversity in the environments where the ProCycla facilities are located.
  • Carry out activities, services and products taking into account the use of water, energy and raw materials, the permanent use of renewable resources, the minimization of damage to the environment and the reduction of waste, as well as their waste treatment and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions that help minimize ProCycla’s footprint.
  • Promote research and development of technologies that contribute to the mitigation of climate change, ensuring a a sustainable use of natural resources.
  • Make measures available to promote sustainable development. Meet the needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.
  • Research, develop and innovate in biological treatments and solutions minimizing environmental impact using technologies that reduce the consumption of resources.
  • Allow the use of resources, increasing energy, water, and agronomic efficiencies. We are committed to develop low-cost solutions which increase waste and reuse materials values.
  • Establish quality indicators and procedures to objectively know the environmental impact generated by ProCycla’s activities, products and services.
  • Define concrete and measurable objectives and goals within an environmental program, reviewing them periodically.
  • Carry out a periodic evaluation of the environmental aspects of the activities, services and products, to maintain and continuously improve the environmental management system.
  • Maintain the awareness of all the employees of the organization, promoting their training and participation.
  • Inform with transparency to emplyees and interested parties related to the organization.