Biogas in Spain: a pending challenge

Renewable gases are those obtained from raw materials or renewable sources, including biogas generated in anaerobic digestion processes, which is used for the generation of electrical and thermal energy, as well as being able to be transformed into natural gas and be injected into the network.

There are currently more than 500 facilities in Europe but in Spain there is only one. However, Spain has great potential for the generation of biogas due to the large areas of arable land and agricultural waste generated. In fact, it is in third place with the greatest potential below France and Germany, countries that have developed this technology considerably. Why are we so late? There is a clear lack of knowledge in the sector, but above all there is a lack of clear, interconnected and coordinated policies in the fight against climate change, energy self-sufficiency, waste management and rural development. We hope to take off at some point in this country, and from ProCycla we do our best to make it happen. Together we must advance in the recovery of organic waste and take care of the environment.