New biogas plant collaboration project

ProCycla S.L. and the cattle farm Cal Pones, in Cardona (Barcelona), have initiated a joint collaboration project to install a biogas plant that will treat the organic waste generated in it. The exploitation will benefit from the thermal and electrical energy generated with the biogas, in addition to a subsequent nitrification-denitrification process, producing a clean, Read more about New biogas plant collaboration project[…]

ProCycla joins at the European Record Biomap Project (Horizon 2020)

The European Horizon2020 project “Research Coordination for a Low-Cost Biomethane Production at Small and Medium Scale Applications”, short Record Biomap identifies different innovative process and technology solutions along the biomethane supply chain, from substrate pre-treatment, digestion and gas upgrading to biomethane, and aims to support their development up to market uptake. It has started on Read more about ProCycla joins at the European Record Biomap Project (Horizon 2020)[…]

Promotional video of anaerobic digester MAD ProCycla

ProCycla is an R&D Company that offers consulting and advisory services in the field of organic waste treatment, hydroponics, water and gas purification. Our main goal is to ensure commercial, technical and environmental balance of our solutions. For this purpose, we have a team with relevant experience in different areas such engineering, biology, chemistry, agronomy Read more about Promotional video of anaerobic digester MAD ProCycla[…]

Can we improve digestate’s quality as a fertilizer?

The production of biogas is one of the biggest attractions of anaerobic digestion, but it is not the only one. Digestate also excels, the mud resulting from the digestion plants, which is characterized by a high concentration of nutrients and organic matter. Hence, its use as fertilizer is so attractive. But although this biofiertilizante already Read more about Can we improve digestate’s quality as a fertilizer?[…]