New biogas plant collaboration project

ProCycla S.L. and the cattle farm Cal Pones, in Cardona (Barcelona), have initiated a joint collaboration project to install a biogas plant that will treat the organic waste generated in it. The exploitation will benefit from the thermal and electrical energy generated with the biogas, in addition to a subsequent nitrification-denitrification process, producing a clean, Read more about New biogas plant collaboration project[…]

New feed cattle group with improved green hydroponic forage

Today they have reached the facilities that ProCycla has in the operation ‘El Junco’, from the Melipilla region, a new group of pregnant heifers to be fed with our new improved hydroponic green forage. A team of researchers from ProCycla will carry out an exhaustive follow-up of the new diet of the cattle registering as Read more about New feed cattle group with improved green hydroponic forage[…]