Carbon leaves its Footprint

If we look at the definition of a footprint, this is the mark left by the foot of the human being or the feet of the animals on the surface where they pass. This being the case, what do we understand as a carbon footprint? Extrapolating this term to the previous definition, it would be Read more about Carbon leaves its Footprint[…]

New biogas plant collaboration project

ProCycla S.L. and the cattle farm Cal Pones, in Cardona (Barcelona), have initiated a joint collaboration project to install a biogas plant that will treat the organic waste generated in it. The exploitation will benefit from the thermal and electrical energy generated with the biogas, in addition to a subsequent nitrification-denitrification process, producing a clean, Read more about New biogas plant collaboration project[…]

Procycla assist at the ‘Progress Manure & Digestate 2018’ Event (Germany)

This event takes place from 16 to 18th of October in the city of Schwäbisch Hall (Germany). The program includes relevant actual aspects such as the most recent innovative technologies for digestate treatment or nutrient recovery processes, without pollution reduction. More information: click link.

What microalgae cultivate to purify the biogas?

In general, microalgae are grown in order to obtain a certain commercial product. This defines the species to be cultivated and the cultivation system that will be used. However, this formula is not applicable when what is wanted is to cultivate microalgae to purify biogas. In this case, the species to be cultivated will depend Read more about What microalgae cultivate to purify the biogas?[…]

New feed cattle group with improved green hydroponic forage

Today they have reached the facilities that ProCycla has in the operation ‘El Junco‘, from the Melipilla region, a new group of pregnant heifers to be fed with our new improved hydroponic green forage. A team of researchers from ProCycla will carry out an exhaustive follow-up of the new diet of the cattle registering as Read more about New feed cattle group with improved green hydroponic forage[…]