European Green Deal

The parliament welcomes the proposal for measures that the European Commission unveiled last December 2019, to achieve the energy transition and achieve the ultimate goal of climate neutrality in 2050. The historic agreement makes Europe the first continent proposed a practically total decarbonization, despite doubts about the credibility of several governments, in particular the Polish, Read more about European Green Deal[…]

Biogas in Spain: a pending challenge

Renewable gases are those obtained from raw materials or renewable sources, including biogas generated in anaerobic digestion processes, which is used for the generation of electrical and thermal energy, as well as being able to be transformed into natural gas and be injected into the network. There are currently more than 500 facilities in Europe Read more about Biogas in Spain: a pending challenge[…]

ProCycla develops technology to treat livestock waste

Livestock farms generate a large amount of slurry and manure whose management, in addition to complicated, represents an important cost for the owners. ProCycla has researched and developed a low-cost modular technology for the treatment of this type of waste, optimizing the generation of biogas through anaerobic digestion processThe reactor, with a modified piston flow Read more about ProCycla develops technology to treat livestock waste[…]

Procycla opens a new line of services: ‘organic waste management’

Currently, the generation of organic waste is increasingly high and its management can be difficult, as well as imply a significant economic cost for those who can not perform a treatment of such waste in their own belongings. In Chile, some 17 million tons of garbage are generated per year, representing the leading country in Read more about Procycla opens a new line of services: ‘organic waste management’[…]

Promotional video of anaerobic digester MAD ProCycla

ProCycla is an R&D Company that offers consulting and advisory services in the field of organic waste treatment, hydroponics, water and gas purification. Our main goal is to ensure commercial, technical and environmental balance of our solutions. For this purpose, we have a team with relevant experience in different areas such engineering, biology, chemistry, agronomy Read more about Promotional video of anaerobic digester MAD ProCycla[…]