1 September, 2020



We provide the identification, processing and management of financial instruments of public and private origin, for the project financing.

Financial audits

We offer a specialized service in advising companies that require subsidies/financing for their projects, nationally and internationally.

  • Analysis of objectives, resources and projects of the company.
  • Financial situation analysis.
  • Analysis of the business strategy and diagnosis/selection of opportunities in calls for aid.
  • Drafting of documentation, support and permanent assistance.

Tax aid

We analyze each of the projects, their possible tax deductions and propose alternatives to minimize their risks.

  • R+D deductions: although tax deductions for R+D are an extended and well-known incentive by most companies, doubts continue to arise at times about the deadline to apply them, the limits to do so or the deduction percentages on project spending. At ProCycla we help and advise you in the identification of activities and projects that can be qualified in R+D.
  • Research staff: dedicated to research, development and technological innovation activities, are rewarded with grants of 40% of the company’s contribution for common contingencies in Social Security.
  • Patent Box: the transfer of knowledge and technology of intangible assets is encouraged, with a 60% reduction in net income due to the transfer of the right to use or exploit technology (patents, advanced software, utility models, etc.).