Menorca 2030 Strategy, at the forefront of energy

The island of Menorca is at the forefront of the energy transition. During the conference on efficiency and clean energy held yesterday in Alaior, it became clear that it is the first European island that has a road map to achieve European objectives. Since the month of April of this year 2019, the roadmap document to decarbonize the energy system of the island by the Insular Council of Menorca has already been approved.

However, the challenge is broad and cannot be carried out without the joint collaboration of the population. We are talking about moving from using 3% of current renewable energy to 85% in 2030. Its elaboration is based on an integral vision of the different sources, infrastructures and uses of energy, with the aim of drastically reducing gas emissions Greenhouse To achieve this, the installation of 261 MW of photovoltaic energy in generation plants, 30 MW of photovoltaic energy in self-consumption, 16.5 MW of wind energy and 4 MW in other renewable energy sources (biogas, etc.) is planned.

Both the road map and events such as yesterday helped ProCycla to establish possible ways of collaboration, support and financing, as well as constructing a guide for decision-making in the public and private sectors.