ProCycla develops innovative biofiltration system to purify hydrogen sulfide

In procycla we have developed a biological treatment that includes a biofiltration system with special bacterial strains capable of eliminating sulfhydric acid (H2S) by up to 99%. This compound is the sulphide most commonly found in anaerobic decomposition processes generated in sewage water or sludge, and its corrosive and odor-free characteristics oblige to treat this to avoid damage to structures and prevent the environmental pollution it generates. The research we have carried out at ProCycla has allowed us to develop a technological solution in the form of a bacterial biofilter that has several advantages: It has a high efficiency in the elimination of H2S, a minimum amount of water is used for the process without reagents, it has low operating and maintenance costs and no residual compounds are generated.

This solution allows, therefore, to be efficient and economical in H2S elimination processes, for example in processes where anaerobic digestion and biogas generation treatments exist. This biological solution has a control of its operating parameters, which are recorded and stored continuously, generating a corresponding response in the installation.