Procycla opens a new line of services: ‘organic waste management’

Currently, the generation of organic waste is increasingly high and its management can be difficult, as well as imply a significant economic cost for those who can not perform a treatment of such waste in their own belongings.

In Chile, some 17 million tons of garbage are generated per year, representing the leading country in South America in generation of garbage per capita. However, only 17% of the population performs recycling, and only 4.7% uses the composting technique to reduce and treat organic waste in an ecological way.

In this sense, ProCycla offers a service for the removal of organic, urban or agricultural waste, to be moved and treated in its own facilities through composting. The compost generated is used to be applied as organic fertilizer or to be evaluated in the different internal investigations of the company (aromatic medicinal plants, microalgae, anaerobic digestion, etc.).

Thus, ProCycla not only collaborates with companies to reduce the organic waste generated in them, but also with the environment by reducing the pollution generated in water, soil and greenhouse gases (GHG), obtaining a total use of organic waste generated following the circular economy model so demanded and needed today.