ProCycla participation in the next ‘Provincial School Congress of Science and Technology’

The Regional Associative Project (PAR) Explora RM Sur Poniente is led by the University of Chile, through the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. The objective is to promote the creation of a scientific, open and collaborative culture, for good living, in the 22 urban and rural communes of the territory.

The work and the link that ProCycla has had in the project since April has made it selected to participate in the ‘Provincial School Congress of Science and Technology’ on September 3, in Talagante.

ProCycla promotes the realization of scientific research projects that arise from their own concerns and manage to answer their questions through a joint work with their parents and accompanied by teachers or scientific advisors. In this way, ProCycla encourages the link between the school and scientific community. The results of these research projects will be nominated to the Regional School Congress of Science and Technology of the Explora Program of CONICYT (CRECyT), to be carried out in October 2019.