ProCycla will participate in the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP25) in Madrid

After Chile’s resignation from the World Climate Summit (COP25), Madrid will host this macro event at the IFEMA venue from December 2 to 13. In this way, the city will become for a few days the world capital of the fight against Climate Change.

The convention will bring together thousands of scientists, businessmen, institutional representatives, non-governmental organizations and governments around the world, estimating an influx of 25,000 people a day.

The United Nations Conference on Climate Change is held with the aim of stabilizing greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere and limiting it well below 2 degrees.

In ProCycla we know that Climate Change is the greatest challenge of our times and we are at a decisive moment. We are aware of the dangerous threat that Climate Change represents but also of the great benefits that sustainable climate actions generate.

The convention will also serve as a mechanism for the attending countries to finish closing development regulations in defense of the planet’s climate.