25 August, 2020

Project management

Project management

Our Engineering department offers assistance and technical support in different areas:

Feasibility studies

In most cases, it is essential to carry out a previous techno-economic evaluation to determine the profitability and payback periods of the projects. This allows companies, in a preliminary way, to evaluate the suitability of their project and to estimate the necessary investment, in a very precise way.


After an evaluation of the conceptual and basic engineering, we proceed to specify the information in greater detail:

  • Verify, confirm and modify the hypotheses / solutions of the design.
  • Provide all technical, economic and legal information to the project promoter.
  • Prepare technical data, construction details and conditions in which the project detail must be manufactured or built.

Technical report

Having experience in the writing of the technical report of any project is very important, since said document accredits and references the work carried out, so that it must be an endorsement of its quality.

Civil works and installation

To carry out works and installations requires the supervision of qualified professionals, whether they are Engineers or Architects, who coordinate and supervise the entire process. At ProCycla we have a multidisciplinary team, offering solutions to actions that require construction management and facilities, especially the construction of works and facilities related to activities in the treatment and management of waste, water and gases.

Budget, suppliers and purchases

The economic valuation in each project requires knowledge in the sector, as well as a wide relationship of contacts and suppliers.

Health and safety study

It aims to establish the risks and measures to be adopted in relation to the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases, as well as those derived from repair, conservation, entertainment and maintenance work. It also serves to establish the basic guidelines for construction companies, to carry out their obligation to draft a Health and Safety Plan, in which the forecasts are analyzed, studied, developed and complemented, depending on their own execution system. contained.

Start up

Carrying out a post-monitoring, once the development and implementation of the project is finished, is another of the services that ProCycla offers, in order to ensure a correct start of the activity and thus verify / correct possible incidents.

Operation and maintenance

Operational and maintenance management in waste, water and gas recovery plants. Telematic and on-site monitoring and control, including proposals for improvement and corrections.


At ProCycla we believe that the successful and efficient execution of our projects is achieved not only through their development and implementation, but also through their subsequent monitoring and control. Our work methodology generally includes:

  • Project start: investigation of the feasibility of the project and description of its purpose and requirements.
  • Planning process: evaluation of the time, costs and resources necessary for the execution of the project (scope, schedule, budget, team, structure and risks).
  • Communication process: scheduling, messaging and meetings.
  • Execution process: integration, development and completion of actions described in planning.
  • Control process: start-up and monitoring of all ongoing activities of the project.
  • End of project: history and results report.