22 May, 2019



ProCycla carries out its activity in all areas related to good environmental practices, which have become an essential component in today’s society, both from the public point of view and in business activity. Its wide range of services in the field of environmental advisory and consulting, in addition to the development of its own biotechnological solutions in the management and treatment of waste, water and gases, allow ProCycla to provide comprehensive and integral advice both in the Industrial sector and Public Administrations.

Our environmental consulting services have the scientific capacity of study and analysis with technical staff to be able to undertake the project development, in addition to offering legal advice on environmental matters, life cycle analysis of products / projects, or in the programs prevention designs.

At ProCycla we have extensive experience in the fields of management and treatment of organic waste, water and gases, offering integrated and modular solutions. Our close collaboration with important Technology Centers provides added value in innovation, efficiency and sustainability in the development of our technological solutions:

We provide the identification, processing and management of financial instruments of public and private origin, for the project financing.

At ProCycla we have our own laboratories for research and develop our products and services, offering personalized and quality treatment in each case.

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