22 May, 2019



In ProCycla we have extensive experience in organic waste management, water purification and gas treatment, with its well-equipped and certified laboratories. Having headquarters in Latin America (Chile) and in Europe (Spain) we encourage the knoweledge and experience transfer internationally, then it translates into obtaining more efficient and sustainable value-added solutions and services. The dissemination of scientific publications in different journals of international prestige demonstrates the innovative character in those scientific and technical aspects in each of our solutions. Some of our services are:

  • Engineering and design: management and coordination of works, installations, commissioning and environmental control (regulation and licensing).
  • Techno-economic viability studies: profitability and short/long-term financing.
  • Laboratory: tests and analysis in specialized laboratories.
  • Procedures and management: environmental licenses and authorizations.
  • Projects: civil works, facilities and permits.
  • Monitoring: control in the operation and maintenance of the facilities.
  • Process optimization: by using physical, chemical or biological treatments, increasing production efficiencies.
  • Advice and consulting: our specialists have an extensive experience.
  • Process simulation: computational and real in custom prototypes.
  • Automation and control tools: software customized to each case to have process control.

Biogas plants

Anaerobic digestion is a microbial fermentation in the absence of oxygen (O2) that gives rise to a mixture of gases, mainly methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2), known as ‘biogas‘ and an aqueous suspension or sludge containing the microorganisms responsible for the degradation of organic matter, called ‘digestate‘. The raw material preferably used to be subjected to this treatment is any residual biomass with high moisture content, such as food residues, remains of leaves and herbs, livestock waste, sludge from urban wastewater treatment plants (EDAR) and other domestic and industrial waste effluents. Biogas is used for the generation of electrical and thermal energy. The digestate is generally used as fertilizer, for its best fertilizer properties, due to the mineralization generated in process. The commercialization of this digestate and other generated by-products is carried out through a collaborating company Aroma SPA (https://aroma.global/).


  • Design of facilities
  • Management and coordination of works
  • Feasibility and profitability of plantings
  • Procedures and authorizations
  • Project management


  • CFD computational studies
  • Testing in real prototypes
  • Process optimization
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Automation and control


  • Start-up
  • Monitoring and control OPM
  • Advice and consulting
  • Maintenance of plants


ProCycla performs the removal of organic origin waste to transform them into our own dependencies by means of the composting technique. Currently, the generation of organic waste is increasingly high and its management can be difficult, as well as imply a significant economic cost for those who cannot perform a treatment of such waste in their own belongings. In Chile, for example, some 17 million tons of garbage are generated per year, representing the leading country in South America in generation of rubbish per capita. However, only 17% of the population performs recycling, and only 4.7% uses the composting technique to reduce and treat organic waste in an ecological way. In this sense, ProCycla offers a service for the removal of organic, urban or agricultural waste, to be moved and treated in its own facilities through composting. The compost generated is used to be applied as organic fertilizer. Once again, the company Aroma SPA (https://aroma.global/) is responsible for marketing this compost or other products generated in process.


  • Waste removal and transport at its source
  • Waste collection management
  • Viability studies for customer


  • Substrate analysis and nutrient evaluation
  • Optimization and fertilizer improvements


  • Sale of biomass as organic fertilizer
  • Packaging of products

Water treatment

Currently, biological wastewater treatment systems have grown and increased in size due to the growing demand. This implies higher energy consumption and research into new technologies that are more compact, economical and respectful with the environment. Microalgae are photosynthetic microorganisms capable of generating organic biomass from inorganic sources of carbon (CO2) and light as a source of energy. They require a contribution of water (H2O) to perform the oxidation of organic matter, and therefore there is an energy saving of aeration, in addition to a greater efficiency in the nutrient recovery. ProCycla works on the two main microalgae production systems: open systems (rafts, raceways, inclined pools, circular tanks) and closed systems (cameras, photo bioreactors). Microalgae are a promising alternative to other aerobic and anaerobic biological processes. Aroma SPA (https://aroma.global/) works in the sale of algal biomass obtained in the different processes.


  • Open and closed microalgae systems
  • Wetland system
  • Viability studies for clients

Lab tests

  • Water analysis in photo bioreactors and raceways
  • Physicochemical analysis of nutrients


  • Sale of algae biomass
  • Organic fertilization

Gas treatment

The biofiltration of gaseous effluents is defined as a biological process used for the control or treatment of volatile organic and inorganic compounds present in the gas phase. In biofiltration, microorganisms are responsible for the biological degradation of volatile contaminants contained in polluted air currents. ProCycla works in the purification of gases through the development of drained bed biofilters. These, with specialized bacteria for the removal of H2S, CO2, mercapthanes and O2 present in polluting gases, present a more economical, practical and smaller solution compared to other conventional systems. The removal efficiency of CO2 and H2S is between 95-100%.


  • Design of biofiltration systems
  • Engineering and construction
  • Viability studies

Lab tests

  • Gas analysis
  • Performance evaluation


  • Bacterial crops sale

Engineering & Consulting

Thanks to our team of specialists, at ProCycla we have experience in the development of environmental projects, energy certifications, engineering and urban activities. The evaluation and the realization of each one of our projects independently offer tailor-made solutions fulfilling the commitment for an integral and sustainable management with the environment.

Environmental studies

  • Environmental impact studies
  • Landscape incidence studies

Financing and leasing

  • Company financing and leasing

Environmental projects

  • Urban activities
  • Licenses and permits opening and work
  • Authorizations