22 May, 2019



ProCycla has extensive experience in the fields of management and treatment of organic waste, water and gases, with its own well-equipped and certified laboratories. With offices in Latin America (Chile) and Europe (Spain), we promote the transfer of knowledge and experience internationally, then having more efficient and sustainable value-added solutions and services. The dissemination of scientific publications in different journals of international prestige prove the innovative character in those scientific and technical aspects in each of our solutions. Some of our services are:

Techno-economic evaluations for profitability determination and project amortization periods. This allows companies, in a preliminary way, to evaluate the suitability of their project and estimate the necessary investment.

  • Market evaluation
  • Technical characteristics
  • Administrative resources
  • Legal requirements
  • Costs (CAPEX, OPEX)
  • Revenues

We generate added value to companies through the successful and efficient execution of their projects, taking into account their strategic objectives. For this, at ProCycla we provide a work methodology that includes 6 process steps:

  1. Start of project: investigation of the viability of the project and description of its purpose and requirements.
  2. Planning: evaluation of the time, costs and resources necessary for the execution of the project (scope, programming, budget, equipment, structure and risks).
  3. Communication: scheduling, messaging and meetings.
  4. Execution: integration, development and completion of actions described in planning.
  5. Control: monitoring of all ongoing activities of the project.
  6. End of project: history and report of results.

It includes all phases from preliminary projects and work starts until commissioning and post-monitoring:

  • Detailed Engineering.
  • Technical report.
  • Works and facilities management.
  • Budgets.
  • Suppliers and purchases.
  • Health and safety studies.
  • Management, planning.

We perform full financial audit services, evaluating costs, risks and benefits of the acquisition, with the objective of confirming the investment of the project.

  • Financial audits.
  • Application for funding calls (national and international).
  • 100% financing of the investment.

Operational and maintenance management in waste, water and gas recovery plants. Telematic and on-site monitoring and control, including proposals for improvement and corrections.

In ProCycla we evaluate each of our projects independently, offering tailored solutions fulfilling the commitment to a comprehensive and sustainable management with the environment. These services include:

  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)
  • Environmental Impact Statements (DIA)
  • Landscape Incidence Studies (EIP)
  • Energy Efficiency Certifications (EEC)