Webinar commemorating the ‘World Day for the Protection of Nature’

On October 18, the ‘Nature Protection Day’ is celebrated worldwide, set by the UN in 1972.

The basic objective of environmental protection is to anticipate risks and prevent damage; conserve natural spaces, those that have unique values ​​of vegetation, fauna, landscape or geomorphology, and directing efforts so that human development is compatible with the protection of the environment.

To achieve effective protection, it is necessary for the different agents of the territories to dialogue with each other and generate participatory instances that reach decision-makers to gradually create instruments that regulate the protection of environmental heritage.

That is why it is sought to install citizen dialogues where demands can be made visible and needs that urgently be met through sustainable technologies and active participation of different agents of the territory.

This is how ProCycla developed this commemorative Webinar where exponents from the public sector participated, private sector and civil society, presenting the current pertinent actions in environmental matters that are being carried out in the country.

In this way, the following results and lessons could be obtained:

  • Visibility of the company’s services and products in municipal and government entities.
  • Generation of networks and strategic alliances in waste management.
  • Contribution to scientific dissemination in Social Network in matters of sustainable technologies.

For ProCycla it is very important to continue holding these meetings that enrich environmental perspectives and they combine criteria in the efficient management of waste while protecting the environmental heritage.