What microalgae cultivate to purify the biogas?

In general, microalgae are grown in order to obtain a certain commercial product. This defines the species to be cultivated and the cultivation system that will be used. However, this formula is not applicable when what is wanted is to cultivate microalgae to purify biogas. In this case, the species to be cultivated will depend on their purification capacity and the chosen culture system should optimize it. Therefore, here the question arises in reverse: what is the optimal system to perform these tasks and what commercial purpose does the generated biomass have?

It is not a matter of simple resolution due to the high cost of microalgae-based treatment systems. In fact, at present the biggest challenge lies precisely in improving its economic viability. Hence the importance of the commercialization of microalgae biomass. The greater your commercial exploitation the more profitability will increase. But for this, it will be necessary that the biomass be of high quality. Only in this way will be able to introduce the products generated in the market sectors of greater economic interest such as human and animal feed, aquaculture, and emerging sectors such as cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical.