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Environmental impact assessment

What is an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)?

As specialists in environmental management, ProCycla conducts Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) for all types of projects, works, and companies to analyze, anticipate, and mitigate the effects of their productive activity on the environment. We also check the level of the most significant environmental indicators.


Public administrations require proper management of waste generated, atmospheric emissions, and the use of energy and resources. In Spain, companies in the energy, agriculture and livestock, extractive and steel industries, as well as the chemical, petrochemical, textile, and paper industries must undergo an Environmental Impact Assessment.

Additionally, foodstuffs companies, infrastructure, hydraulic engineering, water management projects, and waste treatment and management projects also require an environmental impact assessment.

To apply for environmental licenses or authorizations that allow them to carry out their activity, companies must conduct a study that certifies compliance with current legislation and the requirements in each case (Law 20/2009, of December 4, on the prevention and environmental control of activities). If not in compliance, corrective actions must be proposed.

Conducting an EIA is also part of corporate social responsibility for any company, regardless of its size.

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How is an environmental impact report done?

An environmental impact study is a technical document that evaluates a project's technical, economic, and social feasibility while considering ecological criteria. A specialized professional is required to prepare this report.

ProCycla has a team of engineers with over ten years of experience who are fully qualified to conduct such assessments. Typically, an environmental impact study includes the following:

  • A project description and actions to be carried out.
  • An analysis of technically feasible alternatives with justification of the solutions adopted.
  • A list and description of the project's interactions with the environment.
  • Identification and assessment of ecological impact.
  • Proposed corrective measures and actions.
  • Definition of a monitoring program for environmental indicators.
  • A final synthesis document.

As part of our services, our team prepares the application forms, submits the file to the administration, and follows up on the process.

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