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The Company

About us

ProCycla is a company founded in 2012 with offices in Spain and Chile, which offers engineering and consulting products and services in different areas of environmental management, renewable energies, waste treatment and urban planning.

Our mission is to provide companies and administrations with technical, legal and administrative support in each project, applying our values of sustainability, efficiency and innovation to achieve a commercial, environmental and technical balance in the solutions we offer.

Our projects have a strategic development that complies with the ReSOLVE Framework, promoting actions for the transition to a circular economy.


Our values


Customer orientation

The trust our clients place in us is the driving force behind our company. We focus on listening to our clients to understand their needs and to develop projects efficiently, align expectations and ensure the achievement of objectives. We pursue excellence in our projects to ensure that our client relationships are strong and long-lasting.



For us, teamwork is more than the sum of its parts. We are honest with ourselves and integrate different perspectives and new ideas from our colleagues because we know that synergy brings value. We share knowledge, dialogue and debate in a respectful way and forge sincere collaborative relationships to achieve a professional and personal balance that gives us the satisfaction of a job well done. We are passionate about what we do and we identify with our values.


Commitment and accountability

We are aware of the impact of our actions. We are committed to improving our customers' future with our competitive, safe, sustainable and socially responsible solutions. We are committed to the progress of the community towards a better and fairer future for all, and dedicated to actions that preserve and improve the environmental situation and the fight against climate change. We are aware of the important work ahead of us and are proud to tackle it.


Innovation and development

We continuously pursue new ways of addressing our clients' needs. Always with a proactive, open-minded and critical thinking approach. Integrating the diversity of ideas and our collective knowledge is essential to our ability to innovate and, ultimately, to the success of our project. We do not conceive of innovation without passion for what we do. We innovate, test and learn from failure. We are committed to quality results, we are eager to learn and improve. If something is not right, we correct it.



Our way of understanding the company is a win-win relationship with our colleagues and our customers. We strive every day to offer and guarantee the highest quality service to our customers, thus achieving their full satisfaction and loyalty. It is our duty to always do the right thing, guided by our ethical principles and working with honesty and loyalty to the organization and to our customers, within the highest level of respect for ourselves, the community and the entire planet.

Our team

ProCycla has a multidisciplinary team with extensive professional experience, complemented by an important network of external collaborations required when the technical characteristics of the projects demand it, in addition to its own laboratories and resources necessary to perform all types of computational simulation (CFD) and experimentation at laboratory and industrial scale.

Our model of services and solutions are based on technological innovation and experimentation, so they are designed from the functionality to be simple and effective, while aligned to the objectives and business strategy and security of our customers.

The Board

Felipe Hansen


Daniel Gómez


Emky Valdebenito

Emky Valdebenito

I+D Director

Manresa (Barcelona)

Headquarters Spain


Ana Camacho

Chemical Engineer

Juan Ignacio Sapia

Marketing and Communication

Fernanda Mundaca

Marketing and Communication

Núria García


Ramón Moreno

Project Engineer

Fernando Zorrilla

Modeling Engineer

Melipilla (Chile)

Chile Headquarters


Bastián López

Environmental Engineer

Ester Cifuentes

Civil Environmental Engineer

Andrés Donoso

Biochemical Engineer

Felipe Marín

Mechanical Engineer

Constanza Sadino

Bioprocess Engineer

Adriana Gruñeiro

Project Engineer