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Environmental procedures

Environmental Services

As part of our environmental consulting service, ProCycla helps Spanish companies, especially in the agricultural sector, to integrate environmental management into their business plan and to prepare all types of documentation for the administrations in compliance with current legislation and depending on the activity developed.


We carry out studies, preliminary reports and environmental procedures for public and private organizations. We provide technical and administrative support to companies to ensure regulatory compliance and successfully pass environmental inspections and energy audits. 

In addition, we assist our clients in obtaining certifications and procedures such as:

  • ISO Certifications
  • Environmental Impact Statement
  • Carbon footprint registry
  • Water footprint calculation
  • Application for state or European aid
  • Planning, presentation and follow-up of files. 
  • Preliminary contaminated soil report
  • Statement of water use and pollution
  • Annual Declaration of Industrial Waste
  • Integrated Environmental Authorization
  • Environmental risk analysis
  • Environmental monitoring and surveillance plan

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