The Modeling and Simulation team at ProCycla has developed a web tool, the BMP Module, that aims to help the biogas community tackle some of the challenges they face regarding process optimization. This modeling tool, available for free on this website, allows users to process data from conventional anaerobic batch tests or methanogenic potential tests by adjusting empirical and kinetic equations.

The biomethane potential (BMP) test is key for the primary evaluation of the anaerobic digestion of a substrate and the possible biogas production. This test is performed when a specific substrate's methane yield or feedstock quality needs to be known. For instance, when developing a business case for an anaerobic digester.

Users can upload their data on an XLS file on the BMP Module and choose among three widely used mathematical models to represent the experimental data: the first-order equation, the modified Gompertz model, and the logistic function. It also provides a complete statistical analysis to predict biogas production, including estimating parameter uncertainty and propagation.

"This intuitive tool provides everything you need to get standardized modeling results from your laboratory data in a simple way. If modeling is your calling, it could become your starting point in the modeling field. If not, it will be very useful regardless of your interest", says our Senior Modeling Researcher, Andrés Donoso-Bravo.

Biomethane production

Also, the methane production over time can be of interest to evaluate the performance of the biomass, to optimize the solids' retention time of the digester, or for the dimensioning of the biogas handling equipment.

Biomethane production potential varies from one type of organic waste to another, depending upon the release of volatile solids during anaerobic digestion, digester type, and digester operating conditions.

Therefore, our BMP tool can help determine, to a certain extent, both the design and the financial details of a biogas plant. For instance, we can use the maximum biogas production rate to estimate the digester volume, thus, the CAPEX.

We hope that the BMP Module becomes a valuable resource for professionals trying to improve the efficiency of large-scale biogas plants or assess the quality of their anaerobic digestion processes, as well as for students interested in this field and the whole process industry community.